Tiuspa Café
Our coffee shop and peace center


Tiuspa Café is an initiative established to serve as a visitor centre and a peace café. Here, you can learn about how victims of the armed conflict and former combatants are contributing to peacebuilding projects in the region.

You can experience our typical food while also enjoying drinks prepared with “coffee beans of peace” with the taste of reconciliation, development and harmony.

Some of the coffee plantations were established as a result of illegal crop replacement scheme as part of the peace agreement. Each element inside the café has a story. Please ask for it when you visit.

Weekly Events

English Night

English Nights is a special event where tourists can connect with locals, help to enhance their English skills, and create lasting memories.

Game Night

Game Night is a lively event for tourists and locals to bond, play games, and experience the local culture while making unforgettable memories. 

Spanish Exchange

The Spanish Exchange offers tourists a chance to practice conversational Spanish with locals, fostering meaningful interactions and language improvement.