Free Walking Tour Booking

Did you know that Cauca is one of the departments in Colombia with the highest number of UNESCO recognitions?

With our free tour you will get to know the historical center of Popayán during a pleasant 2 hour walk where you will discover the secrets that hide within the white walls and have new experiences that will make you fall in love with Popayán, Cauca and its people. 

In this tour you will know:

• Caldas Park
• Clock Tower
• The Cathedral
• A original and well preserved Colonial House
• Holy Week Museum
• One of the biggest paintings in Colombia
• The Peace Street
• One of the biggest colonial fountains in the city
• The Presidents Street
• A Colonial Bridge
• A indigenous pyramid which is the electromagnetic center of the City
• The City Theater
• A Barroc Style Building
• A story about the city tunnels
• Tiuspa: Cafe & Peace Center, where you will be able to try Popayán’s delicious food and get to know about peace building

Schedule: Everyday at 10am and 4pm
Duration: 2.5 hours
Language: English and Spanish
Price: Based on tips 
Meeting point: In the main door of the cathedral Basilica Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, at Caldas Park

Minimum Suggested Tip $20.000 COP / 5€  per Person


Free Walking Tours

Our tours are currently suspended. We will be announcing the start date soon.