Declared by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve in 1979, the national park of Puracé is a place to get in touch with green landscapes in a very unique ecosystem that can only be seen in the Andes mountain chain – the “paramo.” Here, some of the most important rivers of our country have originated. There are over 30 lakes to appreciate and waterfalls of many sizes to be photographed.

Several activities are offered in Puracé. For trekking lovers, there’s a walk to the crater of the Puracé volcano, the only one active in a chain of 11 volcanoes called the “Coconucos.” Aside from small and medium size birds, bird watchers can get a chance to see the famous condors that fly over the park. It’s also now possible to walk around the beautiful San Juan valley of natural turquoise-blue hot springs. Other activities include visiting and eating lunch at a sulfur mine, bathing in the hot springs, camping or getting the chance to come across a mountain tapir, deer or bear if lucky.